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  • Vinyl Or Wood Fence?

    There are benefits to both, but the biggest differences between them are maintenance and cost. You can probably get a wood fence installed (depending on where, length, and type) for $25.00 per linear foot, or possibly less. Vinyl can be closer to the $35.00 per linear foot (again depending on where, length, and type.)

    Wood fencing starts to become more expensive around the 3-5 year mark when the weather starts requiring your maintenance costs to add up on the fence. You can spray your fence to protect it with a water proofer, or sealer, but again, these products generally require a fresh application yearly. Depending on your location and the climate, the water, weather, and sun can really work quickly on a wooden fence to cause damage. Even you own sprinlkers for your yard can work against you on a wooden fence. Here is a picture of a wooden fence herre in the St George, UT area that Wright Way Contracting, LLC. just recently replaced with vinyl fencing. 

    Here is a picture of the fence replaced with vinyl fencing. 

    Vinyl fencing is mostly maintenance free. It is water proof, UV resistant, and can be installed in pretty much the same way as wood fencing. While the panels are pretty light weight, the posts are cemented in just like a wood fence. You can cement the pressure treated wood posts with the vinyl sleeved over the wood and cemented with it for greater support, or the vinyl posts can be cemented as stand alone posts with no wood posts under. I have heard of some installers not using cement. This installation is not recommended, and beware of any installer stating that cementing the posts is not necesary. 

    The bottom line is, make a decision that is right for you. My opinion is that it is well work the extra up front cost to save money on mantenance and replacement down the line, but as you can see there are different looks also to be aware of. They are now  starting to use vinyl that looks more like wood instead of the plain white, like shown above. 

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