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  • No Water Pressure

    Had a call today for replacing a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, and shower head. All 3 fixtures were barely dribbling with no water pressure. I took off shower head and faucet aerators, and cleaned white debris out. Pressure was fine after that. Rather than spending money to replace fixtures that will only clog up again, I took the time to drain and flush the water heater. This can be a common problem in older water heaters, especially with hard water and no water softener. The water heater cooks the minerals right out of the water and over time the water heater can litterally fill with debris that will clog lines and fixtures, and also can cut down on the heating efficiency. 

    6 to 10years is the standard expected life of a water heater. Like many things, there is no exact answer. They can last 15 or 20 years, or 6 might be all you get. How well its built is only part of the equasion. The water and minerals, how high the temperature is set, and regular maintenace can all affect how long it will last. Regular maintenance including flushing and inspecting the tank once a year can be a great help to the tank lasting longer, as well as alert you to problems prior to them causing any damage to the plumbing fixture throughout the house. 

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