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    "September Grass"

    It was a busy week. Wright Way Contracting, LLC. completed several lists for turns on several different single family homes for several different property management companies here in the St. George area. From Commercial work at TJ Maxx to sprinkler valves... "September Grass" stole the week, with 5 valve repairs or replacements, several sprinkler repairs and replacements, and 2 overall irrigation system checks. Its starting to cool off, and it was a beatuful week for the outdoor work. Seems a little late in the season for sprinkler adjustments, but its pretty nice right now. The things to start thinking about to be ahead of the game for the season is heater startups and checks, new air filter, smoke detector batteries, and over the next month or two... getting the swamp coolers shut down and covered, and covering and turning off water to exposed pipes for the upcoming winter months to avoid broken pipes. We can help with this so give us a call.


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