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    Installing Storm Doors

    Storm doors can be a great way to bring in light, air circulation, to help regulate temperatures inside the home, and to protect doors from weather. Most people are capable of installing a storm door on their own by following the manufacture's instructions. This is not a job for everyone though, and there are some things to be aware of before getting started. Most of the standard Emco, Anderson, and Larson type storm doors install on the exterior trim around the door as opposed to the door frame itself, so be aware of your door set up. If  you have a set up like this ... the stucco is wrapped right up to the door frame with no trim. You will need to cut back the stucco and install a brick molding trim. Once done it should look like this... ... and only once the trim is installed in the proper location can you then install the storm door itself which should look like this... This can be a pretty big project for the do it yourselfer of you have no experience on working with the stucco. 

    Another thing to consider is the swing of the door, or which way you want it to open, and how install the storm door handles and locks in a way that does not bump or interfere with the main door handle or locks. 

    If you are careful about thinking your project through and taking these and doors sizes and options into consideration prior to installing, then you should be able to get through this on your own. The most important thing to consider in my opinion, is the reason for the door. Are you looking to add security, add light, add air flow, or just decoration. Knowing this first will help guide you in the direction of which door is right for you, and then ultimately will you be able to install this door yourself. Remember, there are pros out there to help you with this installation and that may be a great way to go if this all sounds too complicated, or if you have no experience with any of the above items. There can also be specialty tools depending on the door selected. Storm door installs can run between $120 and $260 per door, plus the cost of the door and materials, depending on how involved the install is and what type of doors are being installed. The pictures above are storm doors Wright Way Contracting, LLC installed on a home in the St. George, Utah area.


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