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    How to find the home of your dreams (Guest Post By Luke Peters)

    How to Find the Home of Your Dreams



    Elliot Brown


    It is not as easy to get onto the housing ladder today as it once was. Gone are the days of one hundred percent mortgages, now the lenders ask for deposits of twenty percent or more. Those who have moved a few rungs up the ladder are sitting pretty since the value of their home has increased significantly over the last three years.


    If you are just starting out, you face an uphill struggle unless you are lucky enough to have a large nest egg to help you along.  Here is how to find the home of your dreams.


    Sort The Finances Out

    Your financial history will need to be squeaky clean if the banks are to send any money your way. You records go back six years, so get copies of them from the three main players in the market. They are Experian, Equifax, and Callcredit. You need to know if there are any outstanding bills that you have forgotten about. It is not uncommon for someone to think that a mobile phone contract has ended, but still owe a few pounds on it, for example. If there is a history of late or missed payments, you probably won’t qualify for a mortgage. A default on your file will put you out of the market for six years from the date you received it.


    Find A Location

    You already have a good idea where you want to live. If it is on the housing estates of a sprawling suburb, you will have no trouble finding a house. Those who wish to live near the centre of a small town or in a village might have trouble finding the ideal home. Visit the estate agents in Sudbury or anywhere else, to see what is on offer. They are the experts and will give you the best advice. Perhaps they know of a property that will hit the market shortly; it might be worth the wait.


    Your Requirements

    You must think about what you want from your new home. If you want to live in the country, should it boast a thatched roof? Chocolate box cottages are in great demand, so you can expect to pay a high price for one.


    You might decide to compromise in order to buy a home in your favourite location. The only way some people can get into a picturesque village might be to buy a rundown property with a view to fixing it up. Double glazing, kitchens, bathrooms, and rewires are common home improvements that people undertake.


    Consider the building. Maybe you are getting on in years; would a bungalow suit you better that a property with floors upstairs. Of course, many problems are not age related.


    Use Technology

    The internet gives us all the ability to shop around without leaving our armchair. Check what the local estate agents have to offer, and visit a property site too. Most agents are members of them, so you might see the same place advertised several times. Look on the social network sites too; there might be someone advertising a house themselves.


    It might not be easy to find the house of your dreams, but persevere. Many  trodden this path before you and succeeded. Sometimes you will become frustrated; that is a sign to take a break until the next day. It might be impossible to find a place that meets all of your criteria, in which case you will have to settle for less. It is an exciting time, and one that you will not forget.



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