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  Wright Way Contracting, LLC.

At Wright Way Contracting, LLC., we care about getting the job done right. We don't advertise for customers. We use repeat business and word of mouth to keep our business growing. We find solutions to fit your needs and your budget.

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Wright Way Contracting, LLC. can do much more for you than just repairs.

We have been licensed in several states, and have experience working in over 11 different states. We can do property evaluations, property and safety inspections, due diligence, and more. We know how to deal with the bank or lender to draw for capital improvements. We have experience evaluating properties and setting up short and long term maintenance or capital improvement plans. We can help you put your resources to use in the right areas to get the most long term investment out of your property. In other words... don't spend all of your money on painting the entire exterior and then realize you needed that funding for mechanical repairs. We can work together to get the most life out of your property, and your capital. 

...But if repairs are what you need...

We do that too. Call us    435-275-2053

  • Pressure Washing
    • Drywall (repairs and new install) (Tape, mud, texture, prime, paint)
    • Sewer (slow drains and main line clogs)
    • Concrete (New pours and repairs of sidewalks, patios, slabs, footings, etc.)
    • Plumbing (repairs, replace, or new install of water heaters, faucets, toilets, showers, tubs, & most all fixtures)
    • Appliances (repairs and new installs)
    • HVAC (repairs of heating and air conditioning including window a/c, swamp coolers, and refrigerated air) EPA Certified Universal Tech
    • Painting (touch up, one room, or full, interior and exterior)
    • Doors (adjust, repairs, replace, and new installs)
    • Windows (repairs, replace, and new installs)
    • Siding (repairs and replace)
    • Locks (replacements and re-keying)
    • Decks (repairs, replace, and new installs
    • Cabinets (repairs, replace, and new installs
    • Fencing (repairs and new installs)
    • Blinds (replace, and new installs)
    • Sheds and Carports (repairs, and new builds)
    • And much, much more.....Just ask

We Do:


"I had recently had Wright Way Contracting install two storm doors on my residence in St. George. The job involved cutting back the stucco and installing a "brick mold" kit. James did a fantasctic exact install that required little caulking and the fit and finnish of the installed doors is fantastic. I liked the service received so much that I purchased another storm door for the garage side entrance and had James come back to install that one as well. James has a wonderful attitude and practices what I call the four f's of business. Fast, Fair, Frank and Friendly. James is a true professional and I would use his services again in a heartbeat."
- James Valois, St. George, UT
"James has done dozens and dozens of jobs for our property management company. He is highly knowledgeable and highly reliable. He is very customer oriented and will do the job the way the customer wants. Highly, highly recommended"
- Don Glasgow, Home Sweet Home Rentals, St George, UT

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